Introducing the World’s First Fully Licensed Bitcoin Denominated Fund Exchange

November 1, 2013 – Havelock Investments (, a leading Bitcoin Denominated Investment Fund, announced today that it has executed a definitive agreement to be acquired by The Panama Fund, S.A, a fully licensed and registered Panamanian Investment Company.

The acquisitions creates the world’s first, fully licensed, Bitcoin Denominated Fund Exchange, where companies from around the world will be able to raise capital directly, through the exclusive use of Bitcoins.
With this acquisition will be able to maintain its current Funds, as well as expand its operations, while attracting new opportunities in the rapidly expanding Bitcoin Marketplace.
The original team will remain in place and will play a key role in the future growth of the company.

Havelock Investments has been with the Bitcoin community for over a year now and holds the distinction of being one of the last remaining high profile “Bitcoin Fund Exchange” that still allows US citizens to trade on its site.  Two major competitors have since left that arena, Bitfunder (Based out of Europe) has made moves to block those found to be accessing the site from within the United States and btct (Based out of Oregan) preempted regulatory action by halting all trading early last month.

In a follow up post to the breaking news, havelock also posted:

…there will be no changes to existing user requirements (ie US users are fine).

It is fitting that the home to the world’s first Bitcoin ATM might also become home to the world’s first fully licensed Bitcoin denominated fund, eh.


Those interested may view the original announcement here:

Those interested in participating, go here:


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